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Whether you are acquiring new locations or strategizing for future projects, our trained technicians can perform mechanical surveys or audits on all your locations, ranging from complete asset gathering to a comprehensive inspection on each rooftop unit, complete with digital photo documentation, analysis, and detailed price quotations for repairs that you can put into your budget.


Photographs will show you specific problems and potential problems, and our experts will be available to discuss the various options you have for addressing them.


Most importantly, you will have the facts and answers you need to make intelligent business decisions concerning your HVAC equipment and facilities.


Optimize your mechanical assets and let us provide documented reports for what’s really happening on your rooftops,


Facility Audits include 

Rooftop Unit Replacement Audit: Confirm critical information needed for unit replacements including what you need to know before ordering equipment.


Start-Up and Commissioning: Ensure units are installed properly and to identify OEM equipment warranty issues.


Installation Certification:  Verify all HVAC units, after start-up, are installed and operating properly according to factory specifications.


Second Opinion: Perform a thorough operational check of all components, an overall rating on the condition of each HVAC unit, recommended repairs, budgetary estimates for each unit.


Validation Inspection Equipment Walk-Through (VIEW): Make sure older HVAC units are working properly with a final recommendation to repair or replace equipment.


Engineering Heat Load and Comfort Study: Perform an HVAC load calculation to determine tonnage necessary for your job comparing actual load to existing design.


Air Balance and Confirmation of As-Built Mechanical Drawings: Confirm building is balanced, pressurized correctly and air flow is optimized for a comfortable experience.


120 E. 40th St., Boise ID, 83714